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Title 진검 Japan sword style , katana GI WOO GEE GA 騎牛歸家
Posted by coreasword (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-11-22 21:42:20
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설명한국의 전통도검회사 고려도검제작소의 주력 상품인 기우귀가 도검 2자루(접쇠와 단조차등)를 소개하고 테스트 하는 장면 입니다
참가도검은 기우귀가(접쇠,단조강)입니다.
Today, I would like to introduce two main types of katana that our Koryosword company is producing.

One kind of Kardana material is Tamahagane, which combines strong iron with soft iron.

It's a hammering and forge  and then fold it 10 times and heat it up. (Gi Woo Gee Gafold it 10 times)  .

One kind is the forging of carbon steel and heat treatment
(Gi Woo Gee Ga forging of carbon )
It's all done manually by a long-time Blacksmith.

They're both beautiful Katanas, kind of art.

Of course, you'll be surprised at the quality.

Prices are also very reasonable.

So let's take a detailed look through the video and try the cutting test.

The materials are ready for bamboo and dadami.

The name of the sword is Kiwoo-kwi and Kang Tae-gong.

There's an oriental painting on tsuba. I'm not good at English, so please refer to the homepage for more information.

You see, it's very well cut and shock absorbing.

And it's very light.

I'll give you a quality certificate to anyone who purchases this catana.

I am confident of Kadana at the Japanese level as a long-time trainee in Iado.

I am an iido man and blacksmith in Korea 한글 ENG
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